Sep. 19, 2018

Sidekicks Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 1080p

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A bullied teen who fantasizes about being Chuck Norris' sidekick trains in martial arts to fulfill his dreams.

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original title: Sidekicks

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Drama

imdb: 5.3

duration: 1h 41min

tags: A dreamer and a champion. An unbeatable team...Until his hero stepped out of his fantasies to fight at his side.

keywords: karate, martialarts, computer, bully, openingactionscene, martialartstraining, teenagerfightingadult, teenageboy, blackbelt, teacherstudentrelationship, flyingkick, fighting, running, tournament, taek
















































A bullied teen who fantasizes about being Chuck Norris' sidekick trains in martial arts to fulfill his dreams. Barry is an asthmatic kid having trouble in life. He lives with his father, a computer programmer, in Texas. Barry is struggling to get by in life, dealing with his rough school life, bullies, as well as his health. Barry's only source of enjoyment is fantasizing that he is with Chuck Norris. Barry becomes sick of getting picked on by the bigger guys, and decides to learn karate, in hopes of one day meeting the great Chuck Norris. Aaron Norris delivers a wonderful blend of kung fu fighting, day dreams and high school angst in this underrated family film. Jonathan Brandis (who was having a banner year in '92 with this and Ladybugs) dreams of being Chuck Norris' 'sidekick' in fighting terrorists, evil dictators and various other cardboard cut-outs. Why Norris you ask? Probably because they couldn't get Stallone or Schwarzenegger. This is surprisingly watchable if you don't let logic get in the way. Sure, it's not the most original story in the world, but it's definitely a sweeter story than Karate Kid.

Barry is the asthmatic son of a nerdy single father. He gets picked on, dumped on, made fun of, and turned down by girls. His one escape? He dreams of teaming up with his hero, Chuck Norris. A kindly old Chinese restaurant owner takes Barry under his wing and uses natural healing methods to overcome the boy's asthma (wish I knew a guy like that when I was his age) and teaches the boy karate to defend himself and become healthier and stronger. Meanwhile, Barry's father is beginning a relationship with the attractive daughter of the restaurant owner.

Richard Moll is brilliant as a pushy, obnoxious gym coach who Barry later impresses by standing up to his bullying classmate. Joe Piscopo does a hilarious job hamming it up as an egotistical karate instructor. And sure... the movie features Norris stroking his own ego, but it's refreshing to see him in a low-key, soft spoken role rather than a trash-talking Dirty Harry or Rambo ripoff like he has been through most of his career.

This is a great movie for kids and young teens... it inspires the weak/handicapped/picked on kids to find ways to make up for their limitations both mentally and physically. It teaches that dreams can come true and nice guys can get the girl. A little sappy, a little predictable, but it's a nice change from gory slasher flicks, boring period pieces, and overcharged action flicks that are all explosions and no character development.


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