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Sukeban Boy Full Movie In Hindi 720p Download

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A raucous teen boy with a feminine face is teased everywhere, so his odd biker father dresses him as a girl and sends him to an all-girl school. The lad introduces himself as Sukeban, and a...

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original title: Sukeban Boy

genge: Action,Comedy,Horror

imdb: 4.7

duration: 1h 2min

keywords: nudefight, legamputation, monk, shotinthebutt, overbearingsister, martialarts, mahjong, crossdressing, femalecrossdressing, fencingfoil, femalerearnudity, erotica, highschool, kickedinthecrotch, punch

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A raucous teen boy with a feminine face is teased everywhere, so his odd biker father dresses him as a girl and sends him to an all-girl school. The lad introduces himself as Sukeban, and a classmate, Michiko, takes him to after-school activities. Lessons on humility turn violent when a masked hatchet-wielding woman turns up. Jealousy, syringes of hormones, bare breasts, a blood bath, and more figure in the resolution. From the Land of 1,000 Strange Perversions (i.e. Japan) comes this tale of a "male" gang-leader and "son" of a biker, who goes hiding out in a girls' school. This ruse works because the gang-leader is gifted with very "feminine" features--perhaps not surprisingly, since "he" is played by diminutive female Japanese porn star Asami. Of course, Asami looks nothing like a boy, nor is she any better actress than most porn stars. All this bizarre plot conceit really accomplishes is to keep Asami in her clothes most of the movie, but the other girls here more than make up for that. And fortunately somebody finally shoots up Asami's character with female hormones turning her into a "real" girl (kinda like Pinnochio--or maybe not. . .) just in time for the climactic nude karate scene!

As a Westerner it's sometimes hard to separate strange Japanese sexual perversions from strange Japanese comedy. But I'm pretty sure this movie was aiming more for comedy than sexual titillation. You do have a scene where Asami's schoolmates practice stripping out of their school uniforms while pretending to be "bashful". There are bunch of nubile girls dancing around in nothing but Sumo thongs for no apparent reason. And the colorful female gangs at the school include a gang of bald, tattooed, but of course, topless female monks; the Braless Women, a gang who (especially by Asian standards) all really, really need to wear bras; and a Kekko Kammen-esque naked female supervillain called "Full Frontal Woman", who creates a "bloodbath at every school where she shows up." Of course, mixed in with this bizarre sexploitation is a lot of not-so-erotic zaniness such as when the father's hairy biker gang also shows at the school VERY unconvincingly disguised as uniformed schoolgirls.

This movie parodies everything from gender-bender sex comedies to "Kekko Kammen"-type movies to 70's girl-gang "pinky violence" films of Toho Studios. It's very cheap and not particularly good, but it is kind of fun. Asami and her friends are not very good at karate, but they're all very cute. All in all, this is a moderately pleasurable time waster. I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothing, but a story revolving around a boy who literally has the face of a pretty hot. What movie am I referencing? Answer at the bottom!

Yep, the story focuses around a boy with the face of a girl...a pretty hot girl. Forced to a new school by her "loving" father, Sukeban adjusts to her new friends/enemies. Throw in a good amount of nudity from members of the itty bitty titty committee, some gore, some silly acting and even more silly ideas, you have the movie Sukekan boy. At an hour long, the movie just barely ends at the right length. Anymore and the movie would have felt much too repetitive. But with consistent goofiness and nudity the movie moves along well enough and stays pretty entertaining, that is, if you're into this type of thing.

Sukeban Boy isn't the best teen/sex comedy around, but it's definitely worth watching. It's keeps a fun tone the entire time, and for such a low budget flick it delivers more than it fails. If you like weird flicks, check this out. For a nice back-to-back, pop in Killer Pussy along with it.

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